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UV Lamp for Nails

In case you’re wondering why these UV lamps or UV dryers are so popular, it’s because they do the job. SSearch the internet and you’ll discover a large number of girls who are really happy with the results they get plus the time which they save with the UV gel nail lamp.

UV Lamp for NailsThe fastest and more effective technique to give your nails a pleasant treatment is the UV lamp for nails. Use the UV lamp  to effectively cure gel nails in 120 seconds. This UV curing lamp features timer options: 120 seconds and includes an ON/OFF button. Made with mirror-like reflector to provide constant UV light effect, the UV lamp for nails is great for curing gels. The lamp is one-handed uv curing lamp and four 9-watt light tubes are included. This is a 36 watt UV lamp!

UV gel nails, containing a mixture of air polymers and monomers are usually first utilized to your fingernails after which solidified and cured utilizing a UV lamp for nails. UV nail lamp cured gels look a lot more natural and also are easy to maintain. The UV light produced by this UV lamp, won't only help to make your own nails look fantastic, but it is also a way of ensuring the antiseptic disinfectant of your nails.

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UV Lamp for gel nails user instruction video

UV Lamp for Nails

Nikki Darling UV lamp for nails:

Why this uv lamp for nails

People that work in nail salons usually pick the 36 watt nail uv lamp. Nail experts select this uv gel nail dryer because of time constaints. When a client demands color gels, nail designs, or a french look with gels it requires the nail expert much more time to execute per nail with the 18 watt lamp. For example if a client needs for dark color gels on every nail, the 36 watt uv gel nail lamp will help save close to twenty minutes. Also nail specialists normally have 2 uv gel nail lamps, one per hand to speed up  the process.

Our testing reveals that UV gel nail lamps provide extremely low levels of UV light and these exposure concentrations are thought properly within safe levels anytime they are utilized to perform UV artificial nail services in nail cosmetic salons or home.

nail uv curing lamp

The Nikki Darling Beauty UV Lamp for nails features:

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Why this Electric Nail Polisher:

Electric Nail Polisher package included:

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